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Radiance Age Management

At Radiance Age Management, our goal is to maximize the quality of life for men and women at every age through medically supervised hormone replacement and other anti-aging therapies.

At our office located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, we treat conditions and symptoms commonly associated with hormone imbalances and aging. Symptoms of hormone imbalance and aging include reduced libido, decreased energy, lower muscle mass, lowered endurance, unwanted fat accumulation and more. We improve quality of life through the application of hormone replacement therapy and the application of regenerative, integrative and anti-aging medicine.

Our age management practitioners offer patients extensive knowledge in hormone therapy and anti-aging treatments. Every day, our talented practitioners work with women and men to achieve their anti-aging goals — naturally.

At Radiance Age Management we apply a variety of treatments and services to minimize the negative aspects of the aging process. Our anti-aging practitioners meet with each client to identify their individual goals, needs and concerns. Our Integrated Age Management Programs develop testing and treatment modalities for each client. As our Medical Supervisor Dr Michael Bedecs states: “We have no standard protocol. Everyone is different and requires individualized evaluation and treatment.”

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