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Age Management Practitioners

Radiance Age Management practitioners are trained and experienced in traditional and functional medicine for anti-aging therapies. Resolving the symptoms you are experiencing today isn’t enough. Our goal is to identify and heal the underlying clinical imbalances that are associated with age-related chronic disease.

Dr Michael Bedecs is the medical supervisor at Radiance Age Management. Dr Bedecs is a triple board-certified physician experienced in both traditional and the latest advances in regenerative, integrative and anti-aging medicine. Each patient is provided personalized treatment and therapies after comprehensive testing to develop an individualized anti-aging treatment regimen. Dr Bedecs’ goal is to address the undesirable symptoms and impacts associated with the aging process. He seeks to improve the overall quality of life of patients.

Radiance Age Management also offers specialized hormonal balancing and programs for women and men within the LGB and Transgender communities. Our caring, experienced and knowledgeable staff has advanced training in the latest transition protocols. We understand the necessity of proper hormone rebalancing for individuals going through and maintaining gender transition.

Your Optimal Health & Wellness

Our age management practitioners will assist you to achieve optimal health and wellness. We can help you achieve this by providing a personalized program that includes low glycemic diet, exercise, lifestyle alterations, nutritional supplements and most importantly, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. With your personalized program, you will experience life altering positive effects of anti-aging therapy. You will rapidly experience optimized energy, stamina, increased libido, skin quality, memory, cognitive capacity, physique, bone strength and better moods.

We offer a free initial consultation with our Age Management Practitioners to determine your anti-aging needs and goals. The initial free consultation is followed by advanced diagnostics and testing. After evaluation of test results, you will be provided a personalized, integrated age management program applying the latest anti-aging treatments and advances in integrative and regenerative medicine to achieve your goals.

Our professional application of age management medicine has the ability to reduce the symptoms of aging, optimize health, improve quality of life and increase longevity. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Dr Michael Bedecs - Medical Supervisor & Age Management PractitionersDr Michael Bedecs

Michael Bedecs, D.O. is the medical supervisor at Radiance Age Management. Dr Bedecs has extensive experience in the medical specialty of regenerative and anti-aging medicine.

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Elizabeth Sommer Harris, ARNPElizabeth Sommer, ARNP

Elizabeth Sommer, ARNP is board certified in family practice and anti-aging medicine. Elizabeth has extensive experience managing hormone replacement therapies and anti-aging medicine.

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