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Dr Michael Bedecs, DO - Medical Supervisor & Age Management PractitionersDr Michael Bedecs

Dr Michael Bedecs is the medical supervisor at Radiance Age Management. Dr Bedecs has extensive experience in the medical specialty of regenerative and anti-aging medicine.

As a triple board-certified physician, Dr Michael Bedecs brings vast experience to Radiance Age Management. His knowledge in both traditional medicine – treating acute and chronic illness – as well as the latest advances in innovative, cutting edge medicine provide distinct perspective on treatment of the symptoms of aging.

Dr Bedecs integrates the anti-aging concepts of illness prevention and wellness maintenance. His personalized programs aim to achieve improved quality of life, optimal health and sexual performance for clients. His experience has demonstrated the superior anti-aging results achievable via bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

His work with men and women seeking anti-aging therapy stems from his interest and training at the world-famous Cenegenics Institute. He is Board Certified by The American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine.

He has maintained several successful medical practices over the years. His medical practices have contributed to his interest in anti-aging therapies. He is the founder of The Age Management Center in Portland, Maine. He is also the founder of, and now senior consultant to, the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England.

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