Ozone Therapy with EBO2

Radiance Age Management is excited to introduce a quantum leap in anti-aging therapy: Ozone Therapy with EBO2!

As we age and are exposed to the environment, harmful toxins and pollutants get trapped in our blood. EBO2 therapy is a treatment designed to treat the body’s total 7 liters of blood with filtration, medical ozone, oxygenation, and light therapies. In total, the process performs a reset on many degenerative problems and repair of some of the afflictions of aging.

The EBO2-Yu protocol can remove things that you do not want in your blood, such as heavy metals, toxins, fat lipids, cholesterol and diseased blood cells. Removal of impurities from your blood allows for improved overall health and the reduction of chronic inflammation in the body. During EBO2 treatment harmful toxins, pollutants and agents are separated within specific blood dialysis filters so that only cleansed clean blood flows back into the body. Removal of harmful agents from the blood can create a watershed of positive impacts on the quality of life and wellness. Not only does EBO2 remove harmful toxins and pollutants but additionally provides Oxygenation and Ozonation to the blood.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy with the EBO2-Yu Protocol

  • Reducing the pathogen load of patients (Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi).
  • Strengthening and modulating the immune system.
  • Reducing oxidative stress.
  • Down regulating inflammation.
  • Removing inflammatory proteins (which can lead to autoimmune disorders).
  • Removing heavy metals, mold, and other toxins.
  • Removing excess cholesterol and fat from the bloodstream.
  • Balancing blood pressure.
  • Increasing physical performance.
  • Removing excess cholesterol and fat from the bloodstream.
  • Increasing stem cell proliferation and mobilization.
  • Reestablishing overall homeostasis in the body.

What is the EBO2-Yu Ozone Therapy Protocol?

Also known as ozone dialysis and developed by Louie Yu, PhD, the EBO2-Yu method is the newest and most comprehensive protocol for administering ozone and purifying a patient’s blood that is available in a clinical setting today. It is the closest thing to an oil change for your body! EBO2 is an absolute breakthrough in the field of biotechnologies that is exploding in popularity all over the world within the functional and regenerative medicine community.

Similar to other ozone delivery methods, (such as “Ten Pass Ozone”), the EBO2-Yu method is a protocol of infusing ozone into your blood outside the body and then infusing it back into the patient intravenously. However, unlike the Ten Pass Ozone method of taking out a small amount of blood a handful of times and exposing it to ozone alone, the EBO2-Yu method pulls out and purifies the entire blood supply of the patient’s body by running it through a dialysis filter (ergo, “ozone dialysis”, please note: because we only add ozone gas to the blood and not large volumes of water as is done in traditional dialysis, ozone dialysis does not carry the risks of traditional dialysis).

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    How Does the EBO2-Yu Protocol Work?

    The EBO2-Yu method combines ozonation with two other components that take the effectiveness to the next level.

    The entire process is comprised of 3 main steps:

    1. Comprehensive Filtration
    2. Ozonation
    3. Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI)

    During the EBO2-Yu protocol, the patient has tubes hooked up to each arm intravenously. Blood is pulled out of one arm with a very specific peristaltic pump and is first run through a special patented filtration system (called the Elisio 9H hemo dialyzer). This dialyzer filter has hollow fibers, which means that the filters themselves are made up of thousands of tiny straws which act as filtration membranes and the distinct material is polyethersulphone (PES) which is a class A resistant ozone material. Additionally, the Elisio Nepro 9H dialyzer that is used is BPA and DEHP free which differentiates it from other available dialysis filters on the market.

    As the blood passes through the filter it removes:

    • excess inflammatory proteins
    • fats, cholesterol
    • heavy metal toxins
    • cellular waste
    • senescent cells (old and malfunctioning cells)

    Removing these particles in and of itself may help to reduce systemic inflammation in the patient that contributes to chronic disease and accelerated aging.

    The filtered waste is collected in a receptacle and appears as a yellowish fluid at the bottom covered with a white foam on top. Seeing the waste collect is striking and satisfying to observe.

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