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Hormones control most of the body functions, such as digestion, libido, appetite, growth, and mood. Even a slight variation in hormone levels can cause severe implications on the health and overall well being of a person. 

An unhealthy lifestyle, stress, lack of nutrition, diabetes, and dysfunctional hormone glands are some of the reasons that cause hormonal imbalance. It is critical to know the causes of the imbalance and treat them to avoid severe complications and improve the quality of life. 

Testosterone imbalance is a primary concern for men. Aging, Hypogonadism, metabolic disorders, dysfunction of the pituitary gland, and inflammatory diseases can cause an imbalance in the production of this critical male hormone. 

Testosterone and other hormonal imbalances in men can be treated with hormone replacement therapy. This therapy can be done in two methods, traditional hormone replacement therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses hormones that are derived from plant estrogens and are identical to the hormones produced by the human body. These hormones are safer than the synthetic hormones used in traditional hormone replacement therapy. Bioidentical hormones can be used in the form of gels, pellets, injections, creams, lotions, and tablets.  

Radiance Age Management clinic offers bioidentical hormone replacement for men. This therapy is also part of our integrated age management program. The customized treatment plan aims to balance the level of crucial hormones like testosterone and alleviate symptoms such as mood swings, low libido, focus, stamina, and confidence. 

Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a safe and effective method to balance the level of hormones. Some benefits of the treatment are

Reduced Risk of Heart Attack

Increased levels of estrogen are linked to a high incidence of heart attack and stroke. Restoring the testosterone levels through bioidentical hormone replacement for men helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks. Moreover, testosterone supplements help to reduce the level of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), and Triglycerides, While they improve the HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). 

Reduced Body Fat

Men who undergo hormone replacement therapy are reported to increase their muscle mass and strength. The normal level of testosterone also results in an increase in energy levels and a reduction in body fat. 

Increased Sexual Performance

Men report an increase in their stamina and a boost in sexual performance after hormone replacement therapy. As testosterone is responsible for the sex drive, restoring its levels helps men to improve their sex drive and mood. Bioidentical hormone replacement for men also helps to treat erectile dysfunction and enhance vitality. 

Improves Energy

Restoring the levels of testosterone through hormone replacement therapy helps to reduce fatigue and sluggishness. Men can start feeling like themselves after the therapy. 

Better Mood

Low testosterone can cause problems such as lack of focus, mood swings, irritability, memory loss, and anxiety. Hormone Replacement Therapy helps men to overcome these problems and enjoy a better mood, which in turn improves the quality of relations, productivity at work, and overall quality of life. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement for men helps to replenish testosterone and other hormone levels in the body. However, these treatments are also known to have some side effects. It is advisable to undergo the procedure at reputed clinics to ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of hormone replacement therapy without worrying about the side effects. 

Radiance Age Management clinic offers customized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men and women. Our in-house specialists create comprehensive treatment plans that are personalized to suit the requirements of every patient after evaluating their test reports and medical history. Our integrated age management package includes services like unlimited follow-ups, personalized treatment management, and help with ordering supplies and medication.