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Mostly known as hormonal replacement therapy, HRT is one of the most well-known and proven treatment methods which is used to treat various symptoms of menopause. With the help of HRT, one can reduce sweating and hot flashes which are some of the most common symptoms of menopause. Along with reducing the symptoms of menopause, HRT can also eliminate the risk of osteoporosis. After menopause, there are some hormones which the body stops producing and those hormones are replaced through HRT.

What are some of the most common benefits of HRT treatment?

The benefits of HRT Treatment depends on the type of treatment you choose. There are basically two types of HRT treatment; Systemic hormone therapy and low dose vaginal products.

Systemic hormone therapy– In this type of HRT therapy, systemic estrogens are given in the form of pills, patches, gel, cream, and spray. It is the most popular HRT treatment and most of the people go for it as it reduces the hot flashes of menopause along with the night sweats. Along with this, estrogen can help in minimizing various vagina related problem which occurs during menopause like dryness and itching. If you take a combined dose of estrogen and progesterone hormones in this therapy, then you can also reduce the risk of colon cancer. It has also been seen that by taking regular estrogen, you can also minimize the risk of heat-related diseases.

Low-dose vaginal products-This type of HRT treatment involves low dosage vaginal preparation of estrogen in the form of cream, vaginal ring and tablet. By opting for this type of HRT treatment, you can reduce the various unwanted symptoms of vagina caused due to menopause. Along with vaginal problems, you can also cure urinary problems while minimizing absorption of the body. But you should know that low-dose vaginal products don’t help in hot flashes and night sweats.

Is HRT therapy safe for all?

It is true that HRT is one of the most effective treatments to battle with various irritating and painful symptoms of menopause but it is not recommended for all. If you have any of these conditions then you should avoid going through the HRT treatment:-

  • Blood clots
  • Cancer
  • Liver or heart related issues
  • Heart attack
  • Pregnancy
  • Stroke

What are the side-effects of HRT treatment?

Anything in the world is not perfect and the same goes for hormonal replacement therapy. Depending on your condition, you may have breast swelling, mood changes, vaginal bleeding, nausea and bloating due to HRT. The level of risk involved in HRT also depends on the age of the person. For example, if a woman chooses to go for the hormonal replacement therapy at the age of 60 then she will be at higher risk of suffering because of the side-effects of HRT. But if the hormonal replacement therapy is started within 10 years of menopause, then the chance of facing any type of side-effects is minimal.

Along with the age factor, the risk of undergoing any type of side-effects also depends upon whether you are taking estrogen alone or along with progestin. So, undergoing hormonal replacement therapy doesn’t mean that you will have its side-effects for sure. By acting at the right time and choosing the right mix of hormonal doses you can go through HRT without any side-effect.

When should you consider HRT treatment?

Even with so much misconception about its side-effects and risk factors, it still remains one of the most effective ways to tackle the various symptoms of menopause. If you are suffering from the following condition then you should consider the very effective HRT therapy-

  • Hot flashes or any other symptoms of menopause
  • Losing bone mass and not able to treat it through any other treatment
  • Your periods have stopped before age 40.

You should always choose the best medical facility for undergoing the hormonal replacement treatment and consult your doctor. There is no other treatment method like HRT and that’s why women suffering from menopause opt for it without any second thought.

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