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The signs of hormonal imbalance in women are noticeable. As soon as you begin to see these signs, it is time to immediately get a physical exam by a doctor, so they can help you figure out what is causing the imbalance. Some of those signs are:

1. Losing Interest In Sex

One of the most common signs that your hormones are out of whack is losing interest in sex. Sometimes though, losing our interest in sex has more to do with who we are with and the connection we have with our partner. You will know you have lost your libido though, due to a hormone imbalance if it comes with other alarming symptoms. 

2. Trouble Becoming Pregnant

Maybe you have lost interest in sex due to stress because you are having a hard time getting pregnant. If you are having difficulty becoming pregnant, you may want to have your doctor check for a hormonal imbalance. Infertility is one of those signs of hormonal imbalance in women and thankfully in today’s world doctors get help females with balancing their hormones out and becoming pregnant with infertility treatments or hormone replacement therapies. 

3. Slight to Moderate Mood Changes

Are you feeling extra grouchy lately? Do you become angry and snap over the little things? Are you experiencing depressive thoughts or unexplained sadness? Maybe, you have anxiety or panic attacks out of the blue. If you are experiencing any kind of mood changes unexpectedly, it could be a clue that your hormones need balancing. The only way to truly find out is to visit a doctor and have them run some blood work on you. 

4. Experiencing Bone Injuries and Pain Often

The parathyroid is a hormone the body needs to keep bones strong and healthy. If your hormones are imbalanced due to low levels of parathyroid, you could begin experiencing more bone injuries or pain unexpectedly. This is because parathyroid is an essential hormone the body needs for the bones to absorb calcium into the bones. Without it, our bones become weak and brittle, which could lead some women to develop osteoporosis. 

5. Drastic Weight Changes

Sometimes when hormones are imbalanced, women experience drastic weight changes. When there is an overwhelming amount of the hormone estrogen in the body, women tend to gain. Any time there is a drastic drop in your weight it can be due to all your hormones being imbalanced instead of just one or two. After all, having proper hormone levels is key for having your metabolism function properly. 

6. Experiencing Tiredness After Sleeping

If you are getting a full 8 to 12 hours of sleep each night and still you are tired upon waking, it is time to get your hormones checked. With that said, sometimes a hormone imbalance isn’t the cause of extreme tiredness, which is why seeing a doctor for an exam and some testing could be beneficial. Anytime you are feeling exhausted after sleeping well, there is always an underlying condition causing it. Receiving a proper diagnosis can help you find the proper care and treatment your body needs to feel better again.

7. Unexplained Hair Loss or Growth

Typically women who experience unexplained hair loss or growth are dealing with imbalanced hormones of estrogen and testosterone. The only way to help treat the issue properly is to balance out the hormones with a doctor’s help. 

End Thoughts To Keep in Mind

These are only a handful of the signs of hormonal imbalance in women. If you would like to learn more, visit Radiance Age Management.

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